Saturday, May 24, 2008

Florence: Tourists, Cameras and Pigeons

I just returned from a trip to Florence, Italy. Outside of the more obvious and fascinating attractions of Florence, I was just as struck by a) the amount of tourists in this small city, and b) the amount of tourists with large DSLR cameras. I felt like I was in a music video parody (maybe old Van Halen?) where everyone was running around with sunblock on their noses, black dress socks with shorts, camera in hand, shooting anything that would move - this includes doorknobs, pigeons and other such nonsense (are Italian pigeons somehow sexier than other pigeons?). There was one man who was photographing his poor wife as she stood in the middle of a piazza with food in each hand as pigeons swarmed her. She's painfully forcing a smile as the pigeons beat the hell out of her face and her husband tries to focus. I am sure the reason I am fascinated by photography is because I am fascinated by people. I didn't have the heart to take the photo of the woman, but that's the one that would've counted.

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